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The First Time Records is always looking for exciting new artists to work with. Please contact us regarding submitting your demo.
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General Info

The First Time Records was founded in 1997, and grew out of a sheer passion for music that moves us.  The name of the label comes from the idea or feeling you get when you hear something awe-inspiring for the first time, ie: "Dude, The First Time I heard that [insert name of record here] I was like whoa" (but less Jeff Spicoli-like).  Moreover, notice the lyric in The Smiths' "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, Lord Knows It Would Be The..." and you see where we're coming from.  Brought up on a steady diet of American and British indie, punk, and hardcore, and inspired by other labels like Dischord and Touch & Go, as well as Rough Trade and Creation, The First Time Records was born. 

Armed with a DIY ethic, big dreams made from little rooms, and a passion to expose people to truly the best bands making the most beautiful music; as long as music moves us, we will be here.  We're not particular to any styles of music, but you'll see our releases to-date have mostly been in the punk, hardcore, indie, brit, trip-hop realm.  As you can tell, these genres are pretty diverse as far as rock goes, and we are open to almost anything as long as it's good.