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Let Me Worry Some More
Sweden's finest noise, punk, popstars.

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Since their inception in 1997, Kevlar have held a strong belief in DIY, self-releasing their early 7-inches, and starting their own label. Coming from Sweden, home of Abhinanda, Refused, Starmarket, and Blithe, Kevlar have joined the ranks of notable bands coming out of the desolate climate of the most northern regions of the world. Combining incredible pop melodies, powerful driving music and a hint of disharmonic sound is what Kevlar does best. With roots in such notable Swedish indie bands such as Starmarket and Ray Wonder, Kevlar plays a kind of Swedish punk rock influenced by American noise kings Sonic Youth and Fugazi as well as British bands My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. The end result is neither contrived nor derivative, but totally fresh and original.