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End The Measured Mile
super, dynamic, ultra, textured, crazy, mixed, up, stuff ' n junk.

Press Kit (Photos, One-Sheet)

What Philo Beddow puts together can be described as super-dynamic-ultra-textured-crazy-mixed-up-stuff-'n-junk. The group ignores the "verse-chorus-repeat" formula of more conventional songwriting, creating songs that are fluid, dynamic and angular. What we're talking about here is a lot of tension and release, shifting time that manages to avoid mathematic coldness and thick chords, but also a melodic sensibility that ultimately leaves each song unique. After some initial four-track fun, the band recorded six songs of "booksmart hardcore" for both a CD and seven-inch on Magnolia Records. The band quickly gained attention, catching audiences by surprise and dropping a few jaws with their live show - a combination of intense precision and passion in equal parts. These live performances led the band to share the bill and hold their own with the likes of U.S. Maple, Mule, Cop Shoot Cop, Today Is The Day, Steel Pole Bathtub, Branch Manager, and Glazed Baby. They eventually landed a movie soundtrack credit in Sleepover, which also featured music by Don Caballero, Helmet, and Jeff Buckley. End The Measured Mile reflects a strong infusion of melody and warmth coupled with a rounding-off of the attack that colored Philo Beddow's first releases. While these newer, more tuneful songs still capture a taste for the slightly-disjointed-but-oddly-cohesive, they are more introspective and reflect an economy of style from a maturing band.