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Spirit On Parole
Melancholy indie-rock from these ex-Refused rockers. Think Codeine, Red House Painters, and American Music Club.

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Cobolt is the most beautiful band you have ever heard...but it's a beauty that comes from total melancholy. Cobolt features ex-members of the now defunct Refused, but their sound is as far from Refused as possible. Cobolt delivers songs infused with a musical power that simply has not been experienced before. It's not a power gathered from heavy, fast and furious music, but from the sheer emotional expression of the band. You could say that the Cobolt sound is a mixture of unorthodox college rock bands and orthodox singer/songwriter style bands. However, that would not be fair because these Swedes may well perform the art even better than all the bands that have come before, such as American Music Club, Red House Painters, Slint or Codeine. Maybe the cold, dark climate of the very northern parts of Sweden has stamped its trademark on the sound. Real melancholy is not something that can be invented, contrived or imitated. You either have it or you don't.