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Space-cum-indie rock boys from Britain. Beautifully elegant soundscapes, with earnest and untouchable vocal melodies and a touch of electronics.

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If you thought modern rock was all posturing, six by seven prove you wrong. Heck, even if you think you don't like rock music, you should try this. The UKs best rock band.
Time Out

Nottingham's indie darlings have teamed up with the producer Dave Fridmann in a Flaming Lips-meet-Spacemen 3 sound that piles on the psychedelic dreaminess then explodes with searing guitar blasts.
4 stars - The Independent (London)

Their visceral art-rock retains the kind of sonic power most bands couldn't make with a vanload of plastic explosives. The spectacular quiet/loud fireworks of 'Sometimes I Feel Like' sound like Spiritualized in slow motion...they sound simply extraordinary.
7/10 NME

Crashing walls of distorted guitars that My Bloody Valentine would be proud to claim as their own vie for attention in a melting pot of subdued drum beats and electronic mayhem. Songs like 'Ready For You Now' and 'Sometimes I Feel Like' are instantly warm and familiar. Fleeting glimpses of Primal Scream Orbital, Doves, and The Flaming Lips can be heard drifting around in the mix as your ears digest the musical swirl. Never imposing but screaming magnificence from each chord and keyboard drone, every pop band should be made to listen to this before being handed their P45s.
7/10 NME

With Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev producer Dave Fridmann on board, the band's sound - all electronic burble and driving rhythm - has really taken off. Above all, it's the band's passion that wins out here.
Q Magazine

If Six By Seven came from New York they'd be on a front cover near you by now. Carry on glowering.

Six by Seven formed in 1996, in Nottingham England. Shortly thereafter, the band attracted record company interest and played to a room full of A'R men...the room was emptied even before the first 15 minute song was over.

Undeterred, the band saw offers for opening slots with Rocket from the Crypt, Girls Against Boys, and others. When their first single was released in 1997, NME described it as "one of the greatest debut singles of all time" and the records sold out within 3 days. Their debut album in 1998, "The Things We Make" saw a monumental amount of critical acclaim, and the single "Candlelight" went to number 62 in the UK charts.

The band then started down the road of incessant touring, playing Glastonbury, Reading, and touring with The Delgados, Ash, The Manic Street Preachers, The Dandy Warhols, and Placebo, touring Europe, Japan, the US, and Canada.

In 2000, the band's second album was released, again to critical acclaim. NME gave it a 9/10! The band continued touring, this time headlining larger venues and touring with Placebo...

Fast-forward to 2007, and we have the band's fourth album and latest masterpiece, simply entitled "04." The record was partially recorded and mixed by both Tim Holmes (Death in Vegas) and Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, etc). "04" sees the band return to form, writing beautifully elegant soundscapes, with earnest and untouchable vocal melodies and a touch of electronics.

For fans of post-rock, space-influenced, rock and roll, "04" will not disappoint. You'll see Bloc Party wearing Six By Seven T-shirts in their promo pics ("Eat Junk Become Junk"), you'll see members of Spiritualized performing with the band, you'll hear all the magazines sing their praises both recorded and live, but most importantly you'll hear earnest, honest, rock and roll from guys that can do you no wrong.